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CA6DM3 series diesel engine

6DM3 National VI diesel engine is a lightweight heavy-duty diesel engine with a displacement of 13L. Its economy, power, reliability and durability have reached the international advanced level. It is an ideal for heavy-duty tractors, trucks, dump trucks and other series of commercial vehicles Supporting power.

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The main technical parameters

Five characteristics of high possibility, low fuel consumption, high efficiency, low maintenance, and high power are industry-leading

CA6DM3 series diesel engine

DisplacementL 13
Rated power/speedPs/r/min480/1800500/1800510/1800520/1800560/1800
Max torque/speedN·m/r/min2300/1100-13002300/1100-13002500/1100-13002500/1100-13002600/1100-1300
External Characteristics Minimum Fuel Consumption Rateg/kW·h 183
Emission route
Overall Dimensions (length, width and height)mm1470*880*1170
Engine mass (excluding aftertreatment)kg956


The maximum torque reaches 2600N.m, the largest domestic torque of the same displacement and the highest in the industry. 1000rpm is more than 90% of the maximum torque, the power is surging, and you can do whatever you want.

Energy saving and low consumption

The minimum fuel consumption rate of external characteristics is 183g/kW.h, the fuel consumption of the engine under common operating conditions is lower than 190g/kWh, the low fuel consumption speed area of the whole vehicle is wide, and the 100-kilometer mileage is 2-3L lower than that of competing products, and the fuel consumption level is industry-leading.

Quality Assurance

The world's first laser-welded steel piston, with higher structural strength and less friction loss. Jointly develop high-reliability moving parts with top international parts suppliers, leading the industry in quality indicators.

Extra long oil change

The professional technical team has spent 18 months in the research and development of special oil and machine filters. It has a long service life, a super filtration system, and extremely low oil consumption. The oil change interval is 150,000 kilometers.

Safety ahead

Independently innovating independent rocker arm engine braking + asymmetric eddy current supercharging technology, the liter braking power is 23% higher than that of competing products, reaching the domestic leading level, ensuring the user's driving safety while saving the cost of brake pad wear and saving more money.

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